Quiz: How Do I Write A Better Blog Post?

Blogging can provide a number of benefits for your website. From improving SEO with a steady flow of new content, to providing a way to show potential patients your expertise, maintaining a blog is a must for a successful dental practice. But how do you write better blog posts?

Try Our Quiz to Learn About Writing Better Blog Posts

  1. True or False: You should pay attention to length and format.
  2. True or False: Pictures and videos can help.
  3. True or False: You need keywords and links.
  4. True or False: Content should be shared on social media.

Answer Key

  1. True. Your blog should be long enough to keep people interested and on the page, but not so long that you cause them to skim or skip the post. We tend to stick to between 350 and 500 words. In addition, don’t constantly stick to the typical three to four paragraph blog format. While you should always have a call to action, try to shake up the formats with quizzes, FAQs, lists, or Q&As. If you do use the four paragraph option, then don’t be afraid to use bullet points to break up blocks of text!
  2. True. When you use videos and pictures, you can make your post more enticing to the eyes. However, remember that Google’s bots can’t see the images when they crawl and index your post. So, you need to label your pictures and videos accordingly. If you have a post on teeth whitening, then your picture may be “NAME teeth whitening.”
  3. True. You should include links to the main site and past blog posts, around three to five per post. You should also include long tail keywords as well. Remember, you want to optimize this content just as much as your webpages.
  4. True. After you post, share! Put our bogs on social media. As your followers and friends like and comment, they share your content with people in their circles as well.

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