What Makes A Great Blog Post?

Blogging offers a number of SEO benefits. In addition, they can help you showcase your expertise and knowledge to your potential patients as well. But what makes a great blog post? How do you write the perfect content to help spread the word about your practice?

The Title

Your title should grab the readers attention, letting them know what the subject matter will be and how it could apply to them. We’ve found that people tend to be attracted to titles phrased as questions, such as, “How Do I Brighten My Teeth” or “Why Do My Teeth Hurt?”. You can also create titles that let people know the severity of the subject, such as “5 Ways to Prevent Gum Disease” or “The Dangers of Oral Cancer”.


You should always incorporate between five and seven keyword mentions. Long tail keywords, which may be in the form of a question to mimic the way we search on smartphones or with voice, are preferred. In fact, the title-as-a-question we mentioned above? These also make excellent keyword choices. Remember, limit your keyword usage to five to seven uses. Any more, and you could be keyword stuffing, which can have a negative impact on your overall rankings.

The Subject

What should you write about? Realistically, this would be one of the first steps. The key to choosing your subjects is to understand your patients. What problems do you frequently see them for? What questions do they often ask you? What do you wish they were more aware of? The answers to these three questions can provide excellent content for your blogs. In addition, don’t be afraid to simply dedicate blogs to your services, outlining what you offer to repair teeth and help them maintain healthier, beautiful smiles.

Call to Action

At the end of every blog should be a call to action. Each one will contain the same information, your name, phone number, and possibly email address. You should link back to your contact page on your website. However, don’t just copy and paste your CTA, each one should still have original copy. For example, our CTA below contains a sentence that summarizes what we discussed today and invites you to follow up with us, while still containing the relevant phone number and email address.

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