5 Steps For Improving User Experience

When Google makes changes to their algorithm, they have one goal in mind: improve user experience. Nowadays, successful SEO strategies relay on creating quality content and good user experience just as much as link building and long tail keyword placement. With that in mind, we’re going to look at five often-overlooked steps for improving user experience.

Improving User Experience

  1. Go Mobile: You must have a mobile-friendly site! Most people now use their phones or tablets to search online, which means having a non-responsive site can lead to poor user experiences and may cause people to simply leave your site before finding out more about you.
  2. Provide Quality Copy: After hearing that larger amounts of copy can boost SEO, some people create unending pages of copy. Or, they may not proofread their content at all. Your copy should only be as long as necessary to clearly and succinctly discuss your treatments. Huge blocks of text can actually turn people away. In addition, all copy should be well-written, original, and error-free. Remember, your content represents you and introduces people to your services.
  3. Embrace Simple Navigation: People should have no trouble finding what they need, such as contact information, blogs, or details about your dental treatments. Complicated navigation can be frustrating and the rise of mobile-friendly sites means more practices are embracing a simpler approach, with hidden menus and fewer pages.
  4. Use Local SEO: When you employ a local SEO strategy, you make yourself easier to discover when someone searches for a dentist or specialist in your community. Remember, the goal of higher rankings is so people are more likely to find you instead of your competitors.
  5. Address Loading Times: Your pages should load quickly. Online, we simply don’t have the patience we do in the real world. A loading time of just three to five seconds can seem like an eternity and be enough to cause people to exit your site and look at someone else’s!

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