Could Fear Of Failure Being Holding You Back?

Now, this could seem like strange topic for an MDPM blog. After all, we usually talk about SEO, social media, and marketing for dentists. But in reality, this topic, the fear of failure, is actually very appropriate. Often, when helping clients create an online marketing strategy, the anxiety of trying something new, such as blogging or running a new promotion, can mean no forward momentum occurs and no changes in ranking occurs. Don’t let your fears hold you back!

Talk About Your Options

If you’re working with a marketing team, sit down with them to discuss your options. During these meetings, don’t be afraid to ask questions or address concerns. We always want our clients to understand their options and why we may recommend different strategies. Being informed, you can make better decisions about what to try and in addition, may be less likely to shut down potentially helpful SEO strategies.

Look at What Others are Doing

Do you have friends or colleagues running their own practice with great success? You should see what they’re doing and better yet, talk to them. Find out what strategies have worked, and what techniques have NOT worked. Often, running promotions, engaging patients online, asking for reviews, may push you outside your comfort zone, but they can offer a number of benefits, including improved rankings.

Know Your Patient Base

Often, we encounter clients nervous about starting a new strategy because they simply don’t know their patient base. Knowing who you want to offer your dental services too, and what appeals to them, can make you feel a little less nervous about embarking on a new SEO and online marketing plan. To sum up:

  • Know your patient base
  • Talk to fellow dentist offering similar services in similar communities
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your marketing team questions

On top of all this, don’t let a fear of failure stand between you and a successful online strategy!

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