What Did You Do For Mother’s Day?

Did that title cause your heart to stop briefly? Don’t worry, Mother’s Day is still several days away. However, as a practice owner, what did you do for Mother’s Day? Holidays offer excellent opportunities to market specials or discounts and hopefully, bring new people through your door. While many dental offices focus mainly on specials around the winter holiday season, there are plenty of other opportunities throughout the year as well!

The Importance of Dental Promotions

A promotion can highlight your services, making patients aware of what you’re offering. For example, a special discount on Invisalign or teeth whitening. You can also help start a patient on the road to better oral health with a promotion on checkups and cleanings.

You can also make patients aware of the oral health risks in their daily life. For example, many dentists participate in a Halloween buyback program, in which they pay a small sum per pound of candy, often donating the candy to soldiers through different programs. For the summer and spring, when kids are active in sports, you can offer specials on custom mouthguards. Promotions can not only help bring business to your office, but remind people what they can do to keep their smiles healthier.

How Do You Spread the Word?

So, you come up with a great promotion, maybe one tied to holiday, how do you let people know? First, make a blog post about it. Then, share that blog on social media. You should already be encouraging patients to follow you on social media, allowing them to see updates and specials. Then, if they were to like, comment, or share these posts, people in their circle of friends will be introduced to your office, hopefully creating new leads.

We can Help!

If you need help creating a special, let us know! Our marketing team can work with you to create something unique that reflects your services and is tailored to your patient base.

Do you have questions about running a promotion for your dental practice? We can help! We have talented graphic designers ready to help you create a unique website. Send MDPM an email at: info@mdpmconsulting.com, or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to MDPM Consulting today!