What Should I Consider When Updating My Site?

We recommend updating or completely redesigning your dental website about every three to five years. As a dental professional, you want potential patients to feel you are up to date with the latest trends and treatments in dentistry, and having an outdated design can definitely be a hindrance. However, what people expect in a modern site changes regularly. What should you consider when updating your site?

Moving Beyond Flat Design

For the past several years, flat design has been the preferred choice for website design. However, we’re now moving beyond it. Now, websites are employing darker esthetics and greater use of geometric shapes. Incorporating lines and geometric shapes can offer personality while at the same time ensuring the overall esthetic is clean and mobile-friendly. Monotone images, photographs, and darker backgrounds are also appearing more popular, making images dominate the design, while also drawing the eyes to different areas of importance on the page.

Changes to Navigation

A result of the influence of mobile design, we’re seeing more websites prefer hidden navigation. Instead of the bar across the top with links, your navigation may be hidden behind an icon, only visible when you click. In addition, more practices are embracing a smaller navigation menu, sometimes as small as only six or seven pages. Once again, the world going mobile is impacting all areas of design.

Greater Typeface Variety

Most designers have used Sans serifs for a while now, mainly because the font remains readable even if the screen is small. However, since smartphones and tablets now have HD screens, we’re seeing a greater variety of fonts appear. We don’t need to worry about the copy turning into blobs on smaller screens, so we can have more fun with our font choices.

Greater Content Focus

What do all these changes have in common? Greater content focus. The colors, shapes, and images chosen are designed to highlight the content you want a patient to see. Just as Google and other search engines put content above all else, so do designers and copywriters. After all, a slick looking website can grab a user’s attention, but your content is what’s going to keep them engaged and hopefully, send them through your door.

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