Do You Have Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is never fun. You feel like the well dried up and may even panic a little bit. If you have a blog that requires regular updates, the stress can be compounded! What can you do to combat writer’s block? Hubspot recently published a list of possible writing prompts to help. We would also like to help by looking at a few dental-related prompts help the ideas flow a little more freely.

Think Like a Patient

Our first tip? Think like a patient! Remember what it was like before you started working in the dentistry field. Ask yourself:

  • What did a dentist do to help you feel relaxed?
  • What was your best experience at the dentist?
  • What was your worst time at a practice?
  • What do you wish a dentist had explained to you?

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea. Remember, your blog posts are not for other professionals or for publications. Your blogs are meant to showcase your expertise and allow a potential patient to get a feel for the type of care your practice offers.

What Do You Wish More People Knew?

Now, we want you to start thinking like a dentist. You see many people with varying degrees of oral health. What issues do you frequently come across? What do you wish your patients had a better understanding of? What treatments do you offer that you wish more people were aware of? These are all great jumping off points of blog posts. In addition, when you share your posts on social media, you can add a status asking people to respond with their experiences and stories, encouraging interaction that can introduce you to a wider circle of potential patients.

Can I Reuse Topics?

Sometimes, this trips people up! Yes, you can reuse topics. But you cannot and should not reuse blogs. Don’t recycle posts word for word, this won’t help your SEO and if done frequently enough, could actually hurt your rankings. But you can address the same topics more than once, just make sure your title is new and your copy is original!

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