How Do I Optimize Content For Voice Search?

Did you know that more and more people are opting to use voice capabilities to search for items or businesses on the web? As the influence of this technology grows, it is changing the way we look for things online. To be compatible with this new conversational style of online searching, you need to embrace a new keyword approach. Do you have questions about optimizing your content for voice search?

Voice Search is Growing

If you have an iPhone, you have Siri. If you have an Android, you have Cortana. You could also have an Amazon Echo, or Alexa or Google Assistant. The point is, voice search is now available on an array of products and devices, including smartphones and tablets. As these technologies grow more sophisticated, using them becomes easier and more intuitive. Voice activated assistants are not a flash in the pan, they appear to be sticking around and as a result, having a major impact on SEO.

Changes to Your Keywords

When you Google something online, you tend to use one or two keywords, like “dentist Dallas”. However, with voice, you tend to ask a complete question, as if you were addressing a person, such as “Where can I find a dentist in Dallas?” Long tail keywords are designed to mimic the way we may ask about a service. Pages optimized for long tail keywords will include “Dallas dentist” but also questions and phrases such as “How Do I Find a Dentist in Dallas?” or “How Do I Brighten My Teeth in Dallas?” Including the same of your city or town in your headers and content can also be helpful, as these names will also be in voice searches themselves.

We can Help!

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