3 Things You Need For Local SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary to make sure you’re ranking higher on a search results page. Otherwise, your amazing site could languish at the bottom of the page or even on page two, at which point it will never be noticed. There are three important components of your local strategy that you need to implement: optimized keywords, title tags and metadata, and finally, a well-done Google My Business page.

What Do You Need for Local SEO?

  1. Optimized Keywords: Local SEO means you need to approach your keywords differently. If you have a page about teeth whitening, understand that “teeth whitening” is too vague of a keyword to be any use. However, “teeth whitening Dallas” or “brighter smiles Dallas” tie your keywords to your community. Users looking for those searches in your city are then more likely to discover you. We urge clients to put serious thought into the locally-optimized keywords they use.
  2. Title Tags and Metadata: These serve a very important purpose. Your title tags tell searchers (and Google’s bots) exactly what content a page or blog post holds. In addition, your meta description gives you 160 words to describe the page’s content in detail. For users, this content is displayed on the search results page, the first introduction to your website. Be sure you employ relevant keywords in both the title tag and the meta description, as well as contact information, such as phone number of email.
  3. Google My Business: You absolutely need a Google My Business page. This free service allows you to create a page featuring directions to your office, photographs, phone number of contact information. When people search for you, this information shows up in Maps, making contacting you much easier. You should always make sure your Google My Business page and website (as well as social media pages) have all the same addresses and phone numbers. Discrepancies in your contact information can make patients finding you unnecessarily difficult!

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