FAQs About Going Mobile

A simple question: Is your current practice website mobile-friendly? Even if you have a stunning site that is easy to navigate and employs solid SEO strategies, you still need to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you may not see your hard work translate into higher rankings. Today, we’re going to look at a few common questions about going mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile-Friendly Design

Question: What is mobile-friendly design?

Answer: Mobile-friendly means your site is responsive to different formats and screen sizes, allowing your website to be easily navigated on smartphones and tablets. Without a responsive design, the site can be difficult to read and explore on a smaller device.

Question: Do I need an all-new website?

Answer: That actually depends on how old your site is. Do you have a brand-new site that just happens to be non-mobile? Then a redesign may be possible. Do you have a website older than three years that is also not responsive? Then we would recommend starting from scratch. You can then enjoy a mobile  site that is also modern. An outdated design can make you people apprehensive, if you can’t be bothered to update your website, then what are the odds that you’re taking the time to update your services and treatments?

Question: Does this impact SEO?

Answer: Yes! In 2017 Google started mobile-first indexing. Meaning websites that are mobile-friendly are now given priority in rankings. Google also assumes that users will receive the best responses to their queries or requests from companies that have up to date and modern designs. If you have a non-responsive site, then there’s a good chance your rankings could slip. Google’s goal is to improve user experience. If you have the same goal, then you’re likely to enjoy better rankings.

Question: Don’t people mainly use their laptops and desktops to look online?

Answer: Nope! Smartphones changed everything and in record time. Now, the majority of people use their devices to look online instead of a laptop or desktop.

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