What Office Promotions Can I Offer This Summer?

We know that spring just arrived, but before you know it summer will be here too. Between now and then, you have plenty of time to plan and prepare for a summer office promotion. We often see offices create specials for the fall and winter, but the summer also offers unique marketing opportunities as well!

Remember the Kids!

For many families, summer means children are suddenly home for an extended break. What better time to see the dentist then? Parents can bring their little ones to the office on weekday afternoons or weekends without worrying about missing school or extracurricular activities. As a practice, you can run promotions aimed at families and children, such as discounts on checkups and cleanings, or preventive procedures such as sealants or fluoride treatments. Posting these promotions on social media can make patients aware and remind them that yes, their children need routine dental care as well.

Dinner for Two?

Last fall, one of our clients, Dr. Mark Miller of Snow Park Dental, ran a promotion offering dinner for two. Now, to win, patients had to post a picture of them in a Halloween costume on Facebook (it was October, after all) and the one with the most likes won the prize. The genius of this simple promotion as this: Patients encourage friends and family to visit the page and like the picture, which introduced Dr. Miller’s practice to a wide circle of new people. Maybe a summer promotion that involves posting to or liking your Facebook page?

Have a Cup of Coffee on Us!

Clients have also had great success with our Have a Cup of Coffee on Us Campaign. In short, you provide a $5 gift card to Starbucks (or anywhere else really) in exchange for a review. The practice receives more reviews, which is good for attracting leads and for SEO as well, and the patient receives a fun gift in return. This tends to reap better rewards to offering to put names in a drawing or something similar. People tend to prefer instant rewards!

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