What Else Does My Website Need?

Finishing your website is a big deal. After all, you’re essentially opening the doors for your online office. Just like your physical office, you want your site to be attractive, easy-to-navigate, and inviting. Your website is also the keystone of your online marketing strategy, the first step in creating your brand and your SEO strategy. So, what does your website need to succeed? What factors should you incorporate or consider adding later?

Simple Navigation

With mobile, web design employs hidden navigation. Instead of filling the homepage with links to different pages, the navigation is hidden behind an icon. Now, even desktop sites are embracing the hidden menu for a clean aesthetic. In addition, the navigation you do have should be limited to just five or six pages. People now prefer a simple, sleek approach to sites.


Is your site mobile-friendly? What I mean is, can you easily look at and navigate your site on a smartphone, desktop, laptop, and tablet? A desktop website can be unwieldy and difficult on a smartphone. As a result, most people will leave before reading anything (and definitely before deciding to give you a call). If you don’t have a mobile option, you can redesign your site. This is critical enough that Google now factors mobile-friendliness into website rankings.


A blog can accomplish so many things. You can showcase your expertise in your field, address common questions or concerns, and keep patients updated about changes at the office. As far as SEO (search engine optimization), you can provide Google with a steady stream of new material to crawl and index, which can definitely help offer a boost in rankings. You can also help improve your SEO approach with link building opportunities and organic keyword placement, something a blog can definitely offer.


What if you have a website that covers your general services, but you also have experience in a more specialized area such as sleep apnea treatment or dental implant placement? In such cases, we may suggest adding a microsite. This site can focus specifically on one aspect of your services, helping you rank higher in local searches for those specific procedures or treatments.

Do you have questions about adding a microsite, going mobile, or operating a blog? We can help! Send MDPM an email at: info@mdpmconsulting.com, or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to MDPM Consulting today!