5 Important Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is essential to ranking higher for searches in your community. After all, SEO only works if Google can recognize that you have content worth directing users to. There are a number of things you can do– from what kind of copy you create to how you present it–to ensure you’re properly optimizing your content.

Important Content Marketing Tips

  1. Introduce New Content: You can always add more content to your site in the form of both webpages and blog posts. You can cover changes to your office (new treatments, new staff members) or blog about dental treatments/issues. Once Google crawls and indexes these pages, your rankings can increase. Just make sure the new pages are original and well-written!
  2. Use Images (but rename them!): Images are great for breaking up blocks of text, and for making your pages and blog posts more reader friendly. However, to obtain an SEO gain from them, you have to rename them. Google’s bots can “see” the images. However, naming them (such as “teeth whitening” or “Brighten teeth”) can allow the bots to include them when crawling the pages.
  3. Reuse Older Content (in new ways): Now, I don’t mean repost old blogs or articles. Recycling content verbatim can lead to a drop in rankings. But reusing information by creating infographics, lists, or other posts to share can be valuable. You can also revisit old topics in your blog, just make sure your new posts are completely rewritten.
  4. Pay Attention to Headers: Your headers can be an excellent way to incorporate keywords. Just make sure you do so in an organic manner that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your copy.
  5. Proper Use of Keywords and Links: Your copy provides a perfect place to place organic long-tail keywords and build links. You can use links to connect to related pages or past blog posts. However, limit your keywords and links to three to five per page. Any more and you could be penalized for stuffing!

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