Do We Still Need Keywords?

A few years ago, keywords were the main focus of any and all search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. In fact, this led to a rash of unscrupulous companies keyword stuffing in an attempt to artificially increase their website rankings (and facing penalties from Google). However, with recent changes in Google’s algorithm, do we still need organic keyword placement? How do keywords impact conversion rates?

Organic Long-Tail Keywords

Here at MDPM Consulting, we organically place long-tail keywords within the copy. Readers shouldn’t specifically notice the keywords. The copy should flow naturally. We also optimize the keywords for local searches, which Google continues to place greater and greater emphasis on. Even as other companies are debating the importance of long-tail keywords, we understand that they are an integral part of the process.

Conversion With Content

With any SEO strategy, the goal is to bring people into the office. You’re looking for patients, not website traffic. Don’t think of long-tail keywords as the major focus of your strategy. Their goal is to simply direct people to the site. Once there, it is your content that will convert an interested party into a patient. Even if you have the greatest keyword and link building strategy, if your website contains poor copy and an outdated, non-mobile-friendly design, people won’t be sticking around, and they most likely won’t be giving you a call.

We Can Help!

To sum up: SEO brings them to your site, content brings them to your door. If you have questions about how to implement a solid online marketing strategy, or how to update your website for modern users, give us a call. We have a team ready to assist you and to create a strategy, and website, that works for your practice. If you have other questions or concerns, contact our team today. Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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