How Do You Create A Content Marketing Strategy?

Do you need a new content marketing strategy for 2017? If so, MDPM Consulting can help you create one. We can sit down with you and discuss strategies tailored to your individual practice. While a lot of work goes into designing a unique content marketing plan, there are a few tips you should consider when creating your new strategy:


  • What’s Your Goal? Do you want to create content that generates new leads? Do you want to develop a more professional looking reputation online? You can accomplish both, but clear goals are needed to create a strategy.
  • Who’s Your Audience? Knowing your audience is key, but often something practices struggle with. You may be tempted to create a strategy that reaches out to every possible patient across a spectrum of ages and backgrounds, and instead end up reaching no one. Look at who visits your practice and who leaves satisfied reviews. This is your patient base. Do you cater to seniors? Mainly to woman? Do you have a younger clientele? Identify them and then create posts tailored to their interests, such as cosmetic dentistry, general care, or whatever treatments they commonly visit you for.
  • What Content Will Reach Them? For years my children attended an excellent children’s dentist, who in addition to using blogs, also sent out emails and social media posts about fun events their office hosted for kids, ranging from Santa visits to free toothbrushes/floss. After all, you can have an easier time getting the kid through the door if something fun is waiting. This office knew what content to include in their blogs, and what types of social media posts would attract clients.

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