How Do You Gain Local Authenticity?

We talk a lot about local SEO in our blog. While maintaining an accurate NAP and staying competitive in the local 3-pack are essential, they aren’t all there is to local SEO. You also need to stay, well, local! Gaining local authenticity can make you recognizable as a member of your community and make your practice more likely to be visited by members of your community. How do you gain local authenticity?

Take Part!

First, become an active part of your community. You can create a local landing page and on your website, include information about your location related to the city (such as “located across from the courthouse” or “located on the beautiful downtown square”). As always, make sure your NAP information (name, address, and phone) are accurate and the same on your website, landing pages, and social media accounts.

In addition, sponsor local events, use your social media pages to highlight upcoming events or achievements by members of the community. You can also set up booths at events and fair in the community, distributing free toothbrushes and other dental-related goodies and allowing the community to put faces to the practice. In addition, you can earn local citations!

Reputation Management

What does “reputation management” mean? Simply put, it means cultivating a positive online reputation with reviews and social media check-ins. Encourage patients to leave their thoughts on your social media pages or Google page. You can also let them know they can check in on social media, letting others in their circle know they see you for their dental health needs.

Know Your Clientele

Remember, you have access to information no marketing company does: your patients. You know what services they come to you for and what questions or concerns they have. These is excellent fodder for blog posts, social media updates, and pages on your website. Know your clientele and make sure your website reflects this!

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