Encourage Resolutions At Your Practice!

We’re finally in a new year! For most of us, 2016 was not the best year on record. However, we believe in embracing each new year with optimism. We also believe each new year offers unique marketing opportunities for dental practices, which is why we suggest you encourage resolutions at your practice.

Holiday Marketing

As we’ve discussed before, holidays are an excellent opportunity for running a promotion. Often, people are interested in looking their best and addressing esthetic concerns prior to a holiday. In addition, families may have children out of school, presenting a perfect opportunity to visit the office for preventive care. With social media, you can reach out to your patients easily to advertise your upcoming promotions or specials.

Possible Promotions

The new year is a chance to focus on new beginnings. People often create resolutions based on fighting bad habits, improving overall health, or embracing exciting changes. This is a perfect time to remind people about their oral health. By offering preventive specials on checkups and cleanings, you can encourage them to start the new year with a healthier smile. You can also offer discounts on teeth whitening and/or restorations to help your patients improve the color and/or shape of their teeth. As a member of your community, you know what your patients often ask about, or are particularly interested in, so you have the inside information necessary to create the perfect 2017 promotion for your practice and help your patients complete their oral health resolutions.

We Can Help!

We love working with our clients to create unique promotions catered to their community, such as a free dinner for two. We can also help you advertise your special on social media. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. Like you, we’re ready to start 2017 on a positive note!

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