Color And Web Design: What You Need To Know

Rarely is a patient first introduced to you at your office itself. Most of the time a patient will check out your website first. Therefore, your website content and designs can say a lot about you and your services. For example, the colors you choose can be a window into the type of environment you foster, as well as your approach to dentistry. What do you need to know about color and web design?

How Color Influences Us

The shades we use for our websites can influence our thoughts and feelings. For example, using a lot of black can inadvertently make the website unappealing, because black is actually not a color that appears in nature. As an alternative, many designers recommend choosing a dark grey instead. In addition, using alternating shades of green and red can make people think of the holidays. It can also strain the eyes. Being aware of how color influences users is essential for the design process.

Be aware that color can also impact the viewer’s ability to read your website. Colors that are too bright (or God help us, neon) can make reading the copy difficult. Instead, use both dark and light shades that complement each other, especially in the headers, to make the copy easy to read and digest.

What Do Warm Colors Say?

If you want a design that incorporates reds, oranges, and yellows, know that warmer colors tend to excite. For that reason, we typically see them on websites geared toward younger audiences, such as practices offering children’s dentistry.

What Do Cool Colors Say?

A website that incorporates cooler shades, such as blues and greens, gives a more relaxing, calm, and confident vibe. For that reason, we often see these on practices geared towards adults and seniors.

MDPM Can Help!

Our designers can assist with every step of the design process to ensure your website is easy to navigate and esthetically pleasing.

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