4 Important Tips For Using Images On Your Website

A website or blog with nothing but text can be both boring and difficult to read (no one enjoys big blocks of texts on a site). That’s why images are used to better showcase your practice and make your site, as well as your blog posts, more inviting to the eye. However, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind when adding photographs to your dental website.

Rename Image Files

Whether you take a photo yourself or use a stock image, you should take a look at it in your downloads. You’ll see a name mainly composed of random numbers and letters. This is not good. Google’s bots can’t see an image when they crawl it. However, if you label it, then the bots can factor this into your ranking. If you choose a picture of a teeth whitening kit for a blog, label it “teeth whitening” or something similar, so the bots can understand the image’s content.

You Can Use Stock Photos

There’s nothing wrong with stock photos, especially for your blog posts. Just be sure to choose ones related to the subject being covered in the copy. Remember, no matter how obscure you assume the topic is, there is likely a relevant stock photo available.

Try to Incorporate Images of Your Work

As a dentist, your goal is for people to come to you to improve the health, function, and esthetics of their smile. Show them what your work looks like. Try to incorporate before and after images, or other pictures of patients who have benefited from your care. Let them see the level of treatment they can expect.

Using Professional Photography for Original Images

While stock photos are fine, if possible try to add real photos of your office and staff. But remember, unless you really know what you’re doing, don’t try to take them yourself. I know that a smartphone can take impressive photos, but a professional knows how to capture a subject in the best light, as well as how to stage an office, or showcase your staff (in the case of a group photo).

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