When Do You Need To Update?

How often do you update the information on your website? Unfortunately, we often encounter sites where a client has changed nothing in months or even years at a time. Your copy, photos, and staff information should always accurately reflect your office and your available treatments. You need to update periodically to make sure you’re giving your potential clients an accurate picture of your practice!


As you know, advances happen constantly in the world of dentistry. You may find yourself changing your approach to certain oral health concerns, or adding new treatment options. As you do, you should always take the time to update your copy. In addition, when you have staff turnover, or add new members, make sure your website reflects these changes.

Another note regarding copy: Always make sure the content you create is original and well-written. Google will reward unique and original content with higher rankings, while websites that copy and paste content can potentially see their rankings suffer.


As with copy, you need to occasionally update the photos on your site. Make sure group photos accurately reflect who is still on your team, and update your individual staff photos, as well. If the setup of your office changes; if there is new construction or you remodel, update your site accordingly. If possible, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure that the images on your website are of a high quality. If you prefer to take theses pictures yourself, then make sure you take quality photographs.

We Can Help

Do you need help updating your website? Then give us a call! If you are a client, you can send us the information you would like changed, and our team can make the edits for you. We also have copywriters on board that can create new copy for the site, too.  If you are not a client but need updates, give us a call today. Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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