What Website Design Should You Choose?

When we visit a business website, we absolutely judge a book by its cover. After all, if the website is difficult to navigate or is outdated, you are likely to assume that the equipment and treatments the business or practice uses may be a bit antiquated as well. You should always make sure your design is in keeping with the times, and that all the information a client would need about you, your services, and how to contact you are easily accessible. There are a number of different sleek and modern design options. Which one should you choose? Let’s look at a few of our personal favorites.

5 Potential Design Options

  1. Flat: The picture above is an example of a flat design. This is a very popular choice, as it incorporates flat colors and a modern look. It is a more minimalist esthetic. There are no shadows or gradients as this option eschews 3D elements.
  2. Hero: A hero image is a large image used as the background of your page. Many practices use this option to prominently showcase the exterior of the building, or the interior of the office. This is a very eye-catching option and one that many of our clients have chosen to incorporate into their website.
  3. Single Page/Long Scroll: With this option, you keep everything a client needs to know front and center. The user simply scrolls down to read about your office, find relevant contact information, or view images of your practice and staff. No clicking to open other pages, and no getting lost.
  4. Minimalist: Basically, this option takes the flat design and strips it down even further. The website loads much faster and the minimalist esthetic can help users find information even faster.
  5. Borderless: This option removes defined borders between parts of the page and different elements. The result is an open feel and a very contemporary option.

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