Do You Have Questions About Microsites?

Over the past year, more and more clients have expressed an interest in microsites. We think this is great, and not just because we’re building them. For anyone trying to create a successful online marketing strategy, operating a microsite can offer benefits for SEO (search engine optimization) and help solidify a doctor’s online reputation as an expert. Do you have questions about microsites? Interested in adding one yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsites

Question: Do microsites help with SEO?

Answer: Yes. For example, if you offer dental implants in your community and someone searches for those services, Google may be more likely to direct a user to a practice with a site dedicated solely to those services. A microsite also gives you additional opportunities to have content crawled and indexed by Google’s bots, as well as a chance to offer more organic links and keywords. Since many links will direct people to your main site, both websites will enjoy better rankings.

Question: Do microsites cover a single service?

Answer: You can cover a single service or a group of related services. For example, you may have a site dedicated to dental implants, a single service. You may also have a site dedicated to cosmetic dentistry, a group of services. Both options involve focusing on a specific area of your expertise, one that may not receive enough focus on your main website.

Question: Does the site need to be responsive as well?

Answer: Of course! A mobile-friendly site is good for SEO, so it’s necessary for your new site as well.

Question: If I already have these services mentioned on my main site, do I still need an additional one?

Answer: Yes. Your main site may not be able to dedicate enough pages or copy to a service or procedure you excel at. In addition, if you want to direct more people seeking those services to your practice, a microsite is essential.

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