Is There A Perfect Blog Format?

For many dental professionals and business owners, blogging is difficult. After all, you may understand that maintaining a blog helps search engine optimization (SEO), but how do you find the time to write them? Once you find the time, how do you get started? Is there a perfect format you should adhere to, and what makes some posts more readable than others?

Embrace Variety

Is there a perfect format? No. We recommend using a variety of different ones. While the three-paragraph format (intro, body, conclusion) is great, don’t be afraid to include a quiz, FAQs, or a Q & A format. You can embrace the listicle or write a compare and contrast between different services. Our writers have used all of these options at one point or another. You want your blogs to be a lot of things, but boring and repetitive is not one of them!

Focus on What’s Pleasing to the Eyes

Okay, so we’ve agreed to cycle through formats and not get bogged down by just one. Now, how do you make sure the post is inviting to the eye? First, avoid large blocks of text. We read online content differently than we do books. Breaking up the text with pictures and videos can make it appear more inviting and less intimidating, especially if someone is going to be visiting websites to compare and contrast dental professionals in the area.

Choose Topics Carefully

We’ve discussed choosing topics recently. Focusing on your services, as well as common questions or concerns patients have about your services can make excellent topics. However, don’t forget about the upcoming holiday season. You can write about topics that are relevant to the holidays, including oral health-related gift ideas, avoiding tooth decay, specials or discounts you’re offering, and other subjects related to this time of year. Remember, MDPM Consulting is also available to help you write, post, and share content.

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