Common Social Media Mistakes

We believe that by engaging clients on social media you can impact your search engine optimization (SEO) and, as a result, help your business grow. However, many practice owners may not be aware of the best ways to reach out on social media. Even though we offer a free kit to our clients with a monthly package, many still have trouble taking advantage of everything social media has to offer, and with billions of people already using social networks, there is much to be gained from taking part!

3 Common Social Media Mistakes

  1. Not Watching Trends: The way we engage others on social networking sites changes constantly. You should be aware of trends and what has fallen out of favor. Otherwise, your posts may be less likely to reach others and, therefore, have less of an impact.
  2. Not Expanding Your Network: Make an effort to actively friend and follow other people on the social networks, and encourage your patients to do the same! In addition, ask your team members to add you to their friend list, and to share content as well. Doing so expands your network and makes the chances of others finding you and your services more likely. Plus, when Google sees an active presence, this can have a small, but beneficial, impact on rankings.
  3. Not Actively Sharing Content: What’s the point of blogging or setting up an account on a social networking site if it lays dormant? You need to share content regularly! First, make sure your content is original and relevant. Blogs, office news, or specials your practice might be running are all examples of items worth sharing on your pages.

We Can Help!

We can offer our social media kit, with a month’s worth of content, much of which can be customized to your practice. In addition, we can even post content for you, if your team simply doesn’t have time to do so. If you have any questions about social media, never hesitate to ask. Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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