Are You Ready For Mobile-First Indexing?

Google ranks websites by crawling and indexing them, allowing the search engine to provide accurate results to users when they search for a business, movie, or ask a general question. In the past, the search giant placed greater value on searches done on a desktop. However, since smartphones have become the most common means of searching online, they are changing this. Are you ready for mobile-first indexing?

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Simply put: Google will now place priority on mobile search results. If your website isn’t easily viewed or navigated on a mobile device, your rankings could suffer. Your business needs to be ready for mobile-first indexing, otherwise you may no longer be one of the first results when someone searches for a dental practice or business in your community.

How Do I Implement the Necessary SEO Changes?

There are a few changes you can make to help improve search engine optimization (SEO), and ready your site for the coming changes:

  • Be Mobile-Friendly: Does your website have a responsive, mobile version people can use on phones or tablets? If so, great! Google will factor this into their rankings. If not, then you need to consider a redesign to address this issue.
  • Run a TXT Test: Running a TXT test allows you to see if your site is accessible to Google’s bot. This is crucial in order to ensure your website is being indexed and ranked.
  • Site Configuration: Make sure your website is properly configured for a mobile device. Your content and design should be the same, whether you use a desktop or a smartphone.

These are three very important factors for making sure you’re ready for mobile-first indexing. For more details, you can check out Google’s mobile guide, which allows you to test your site and make sure everything is mobile-friendly.

Need Help?

At MDPM Consulting, we always take a mobile-first approach and have for some time. If you need help with a website build or redesign, or if you’re worried your website isn’t ready for Google’s coming changes, then contact our team today. Remember, we’re here to help!

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