Tips For Writing Better Blog Copy

At MDPM Consulting, we always factor buyer intent into the creation of web and blog copy. What this means is that we always keep in mind what your clients will be looking for when we craft copy. After all, a cosmetic dental practice targeted towards adults, and a pediatric dental practice, will have very different approaches to their services and amenities. By focusing on buyer intent, you can often write better copy for your blog and website.

Cover Relevant Topics

While this may seem obvious, many practices struggle with this. Your blog topics should be relevant to your website and to the services you offer. Otherwise, why would someone who is visiting your website be interested in reading your blogs? Look at your services, your industry, and your clients to find the best topics.

Be Honest

When writing about your services, treatments, or office, be honest. Likewise, if writing about disorders and other issues related to oral health or your industry, don’t exaggerate or downplay. Be honest about what clients can expect and what you can offer. If someone feels misled by a blog post, in addition to avoiding your office, he/she may tell others, which can damage your overall reputation.

Keep Reviews Truthful

Don’t alter a patient’s review or encourage him/her to bend the truth. A positive review that is less than five stars may actually do more to persuade a person than a five-star review that looks like a marketing company or a staff member crafted it. Don’t delete negative reviews either. Instead, respond to them. Once again, being truthful only offers advantages.

Answer Questions

When you’re addressing common questions that people may have, don’t pivot around the topic, or downplay the answer. Be honest about your treatments, and about oral health disorders.

Strive for Accuracy

As you can see, being honest and truthful is a running theme throughout all of these tips. So many people attempt to mislead, or outright lie, to improve their reputation that people are skeptical. But they may reward your honesty with their business, helping you grow. When writing your blogs, another aspect to keep in mind is accuracy. Make sure your blog posts, and the claims therein, are scientifically and clinically accurate. This doesn’t mean they need to be cold and clinical, just that your patients should obtain only accurate information from your posts.

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