Does Your Practice And Domain Need Different Names?

Naming your practice can be a difficult task. After all, this name will represent you and your practice to your entire community. Once you do this, you don’t need a separate name for your website domain, do you? In many cases, you may actually benefit from having one name for your domain and a different one for your practice. Why is that? How do you choose a different, but similar, name for one or the other?

What’s the Difference?

Think of your domain name and your practice name as two different cars. Yes, cars. One is a sedan, the other an SUV. Both cars have similar designs and engines, but are built for two very different purposes. It is the same with the names. One name is meant to entice people on social media, another is meant to improve SEO and make your practice easier to find on a search engine. Below, we have a chart that shows the differences between the names and how to choose them.

QuestionPractice Domain
What is the purpose of the name?To appeal to the community at large. To distinguish my practice from others.To attract qualified patients online. To distinguish my practice from others.
Who is the target audience?Patients in need of my services. (ex: young families, adult professionals, seniors, teens, cosmetic-conscious adults)Internet savvy patients in need of my services.
Does the city need to be in the name?Not usuallyIt’s best
Do you want your last name in the name?Matter of opinionIt can be, but don’t make it priority unless you’re very well known.
What are the practice and domain names of your competitors/local peers?Come up with a list of 5Come up with a list of 5
What are other important considerations?Be creative. Consider words you like. Pull from your mission and vision statements. Choose a name that you can brand (logo, color scheme, tagline, overall marketing). Don’t make the name too long.Be practical. The word “dentist” or “orthodontist,” for example, are great in domain names because these are words people search for. Your city name is also a practical and smart addition. Don’t make the name too long.
Any other advice?Choose something memorable. Check with your county office to make sure the name you prefer is not already in use.Choose something practical. Go to to make sure the domain name you prefer is not already in use.


Our second chart shows five solid examples of different domain and practice names that work for a practice.

Practice Name IdeasDomain Name Ideas
Smiles of DallasDowntowndallassmiles
Dallas Distinct SmilesDallasdistinctsmiles
Elite Dentistry of DallasElitedentistryofdallas


Do You Need Help?

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