RIP Vine: The Everchanging World Of Social Media

You may have seen surprising news, that Twitter is now shuttering Vine. Launched just four years ago, for a moment Vine was the hottest thing in social media, being used to promote films and even creating Vine stars. Now, with waning popularity and Twitter having money woes, the video app is shutting down. How is this relevant for your office? Well, this is an example how quickly the social media world can change. To make the most of your social networking outreach, you need to know how platforms differ, how to best share content, and you need to stay on top of sudden changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

Question: How often should I post?

Answer: There is no exact number, but in the past we have advocated for a minimum of three times a week. Of course, you can always post more or less. The key is to understand that content needs to differ depending on where you post it. For example, a Facebook post allows you to write in depth statuses. For Instagram and Twitter, posts should be short, sweet, and include relevant hashtags.

Question: Should I have accounts on several platforms?

Answer: Yes! Why not? You have a greater chance of reaching your audience. However, you should be aware that some sites simply don’t offer the same return on your time investment. Snapchat posts disappear after 24 hours, and Video apps like Vine don’t lend themselves to dental practices or businesses, unless you have fun, unique videos to share.

Question: How does this benefit my search engine optimization (SEO) exactly?

Answer: While the platforms we prefer, and their ability to reach people, can change, the boosts to SEO remain the same. We recommend social media because it gives your current patients the opportunity to like or share content, which introduces you to their followers. In addition, Google factors in whether a company has an active presence on social networking sites when ranking results. Admittedly, this isn’t as big a factor as blogging, responsiveness, or local SEO, but it can still have a potential impact.

Question: Can MDPM help?

Answer: Yes! We stay on top of the latest changes in social media, keeping up with which sites are here to stay and which are bowing out. In addition, we offer a free kit to patients that carry a monthly SEO package. The kit contains a month’s worth of statuses and content (much of which can be personalized).

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