Good Blog Versus Bad Blog

How does blogging help your practice? There are actually a number of different ways. You can showcase your expertise in your field, address common patient questions, and each new post allows Google to regularly crawl and index your site, which can improve rankings. Of course, for success, the content needs to be good. What makes a good blog? What mistakes should you try to avoid?

What Makes a Good Blog?

What separates the good from the bad? First: originality. Your posts should always be original, even if you’re covering the same topic as a previous post. Second: quality. You should always make sure every post is well-written, and most importantly, free of an errrors. Did you catch the two errors in the last sentence? I bet you did and immediately questioned the quality of this post. Your patients and potential clients will do the same, and when it comes to the person approaching their mouths with tools, they won’t settle for someone who makes mistakes in a blog post. Other tips include:

  • Change up the format (try quizzes, lists, and FAQs formats)
  • Use pictures and videos
  • Avoid walls of text
  • Stay within 350-500 words – anything approaching 1,000 words is simply too long and may turn a reader away

What Makes a Bad Blog?

If you’re stealing content from other sites verbatim and using the content as your own, then Google will pick up on it and your rankings could slip. You shouldn’t repost the same content over and over either, this can have a negative impact on search engine optimization. Finally…and again…make sure your blog post is error free!

MDPM Consulting can Help!

Do you want to maintain a blog for your practice, but simply don’t have the time to write multiple posts per week? We can help! Our team of copywriters can create original content that reflects your business, and we can share the posts on social media, hopefully helping you reach a wider audience. If you have questions about blogging, give us a call today.

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