Internet Marketing And Website Design Company Red Flags

Sometimes, even a great relationship hits a rough patch. When you first meet, everything is great and new, but over time small differences can erode and ruin your previously perfect marriage. However, what if you found out you couldn’t divorce the other party? For many people who sign contracts with all-in-one online marketing and website design companies, this can be a harsh reality. What red flags should you watch for? What are your rights as a client?

What Should you Watch for?

We often work with clients who were originally unhappy with the company they hired to build and/or maintain their website. When they come to us, their domain and social media pages need to be transferred. However, more than once we’ve seen companies claim ownership of the domain and refuse to hand it over (unless compensated of course). In addition, we’ve seen the same for social media pages, including Google+ ownership, which is huge for your SEO. When talking to a company and examining a contract, make sure that at no point do they claim ownership of your social media pages or domain.

What are Your Rights as a Client?

Sometimes, we have clients who decide they would like to try working with a different company. We then hand over their domain, social media pages, and the information needed to operate the accounts. We always hate to see a client leave us, but we understand that these items belong to them. No company should claim total ownership of your website or your social media pages, particularly your Google+ accounts. These belong to you and your business, no exceptions.

Do You Need Help?

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