Google Launches Penguin 4.0

Since the first days of 2016, we’ve been waiting for Google to roll out Penguin 4.0, a major update to the search giant’s algorithm. Since then, any changes have sent bloggers into a frenzy, wondering if the update has arrived. Well, wait no more. Penguin 4.0 has been launched, which will also be the last time this portion of the algorithm will need to be refreshed, since Google will also be making real time updates and changes.

The Last Update

Google uses over 200 different signals to decide how to rank a website so users can find what they’re looking for. Penguin is just one of the signals, but a very important one. Since the signal’s launch in 2012, updates to a website’s ranking required this portion of the algorithm to refresh. Otherwise, changes would not be reflected. Now, the data will refresh in real time. Which means when you make changes to your site designed to improve your search engine optimization (SEO), the ranking updates can happen much sooner once Google crawls and indexes the site.

How Does This Impact SEO?

For most people, this is great! If you practice good SEO by focusing on creating content that improves a user’s experience, then you’ll see positive changes to your website’s ranking much faster, without needing to wait on Google to refresh the Penguin part of their algorithm. However, the algorithm will also take note much faster if you employ black hat tactics or spam, by lowering your rankings and by targeting the specific pages that employ the spam. All in all, the algorithm update is a big win.

Do You Have Questions?

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