What Does Yelp’s Lawsuit Mean For You?

Currently, Yelp is involved in a lawsuit that has made its way all the way to the state Supreme Court. The case is simple: A law firm claims a former client left a negative review that was completely false, and wants Yelp to remove it. The review giant refused, and the law firm has since taken them to court and won. Now, two years later, the State Supreme Court has until October 14th to decide whether to overturn the order for Yelp to remove the review. But what does this lawsuit mean for you?

The End of Negative Reviews?

Yelp, along with several other companies, argues that removing reviews compromises the integrity of the review system. They also claim free speech is being stifled. However, the law firm argues that allowing people to post false reviews that can damage a company’s reputation is unfair.

What does this mean for you? Well, if the original verdict is not overturned, then if someone posts a story about dealing with your practice on Yelp that is false, you have a way of combatting this. We know that encouraging satisfied clients to leave positive testimonial can be difficult, and even a single negative review can potentially hurt your online reputation.

We Still Focus on Google Reviews

While Yelp is a big name, we still believe in focusing primarily on Google Reviews. In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), Google is said to place more emphasis on Google Reviews than others when ranking websites.

Do You Need Help?

When it comes to Google Reviews, do you have too few, or none at all? We can help! First, we can help you create a social media post to encourage people to leave their thoughts and testimonials, then we can discuss different incentives to offer people, such as a Starbucks gift card as part of our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign. If you have any questions, please contact our office today!

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