Should You Try A Newsletter?

As a dentist, you have more options than ever for advertising and staying in contact with your patients. With everything from print ads to online marketing, it’s sometimes hard to know which options will be worth your time and effort. One aspect of an online marketing strategy that many offices steer away from is a newsletter. However, we’ve recently had a client have great success with one. Should you try a newsletter, too?

Worth the Effort?

You probably have a few questions about the best strategies for sending out a newsletter. What content should it contain? How often should you email them to your patients? We recommend sending one or two a month. If you send too many, too often, they risk becoming white noise. For content, you can feature the opening paragraph or a summary of recent blogs, linking back to your website. You can also use this opportunity to remind people to take advantage of their dental benefits and to schedule appointments, and you can introduce new staff members, as well as announce other office changes.

You can use websites such as MyEmma to easily format and send out your newsletters. One of our clients actually gained two new patients as a result of sending out a newsletter to potential leads.

How Else Can I Reach Clients?

Of course, you’re not limited to this option alone. You can also reach out via social media. By having accounts on multiple platforms and inviting patients to follow you, there’s a chance your content could be liked and shared, reaching a new audience of potential patients. If you have questions about social media or what content to post, remember that we offer a free social media kit for our clients who carry a monthly SEO package. If you aren’t a current client, the kit is still only $99 and contains content you can personalize for your office.

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