How Do You Optimize Your Blogs?

Time and time again we’ve discussed how blogging can be good for both your professional reputation and for search engine optimization, or SEO. However, we are often asked what needs to be included in a blog in order to optimize it. What separates a bad blog from a good one? Instead of concentrating on format and word length, today we’re going to look at using long-tail keywords correctly, the importance of labeling your images, and of course, why your blogs (and your website for that matter) need to be mobile-friendly.

Use Keywords Correctly

Long-tail keywords aren’t limited to just the search term, but are phrased in a way that people search online. Instead of “dental crowns” you might use “dental crowns in Dallas” or “when do I need a crown?” This is the way people tend to phrase their searches when using a smartphone or tablet. You shouldn’t try to stuff keywords, instead limit them to 5-7 instances within the blog post. In addition to the content, you can also place the keywords in the header, title, URL, or the meta-description.

Label Your Images

While Google’s bots don’t have problems reading the text of your content, they can’t see images. So, in order to optimize an image, you need to label it. Doing this allows the website to know what the image contains. For example, if you are writing about teeth whitening and have a picture of teeth whitening kits or a smile, then label the picture: teeth whitening; teeth whitening kit; or white teeth, to maximize SEO.

Be Mobile-Friendly

When we search online, most of us use a smartphone instead of a desktop or laptop. If you don’t have a blog that can be read on a phone, then people are likely to give up on your site (and by extension, your services). In addition, mobile-friendliness is a factor search engines take into account, so a non-responsive website and blog can actually hurt your rankings.

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