Even Referral-Only Practices Still Need SEO

Dental practices can attract clients using a variety of means. However, some practices rely mainly on patient referrals. If your practice attracts new clients using patient referrals, do you still need an engaging website or an active online presence? You may assume the answer is no, but in fact, SEO is still crucial for businesses that mainly grow as a result of referrals.

How Does Your Website Look?

If someone said to you, “check out this dentist” or “I visited the best restaurant,” what would you do next? Well, before you visited the practice or the restaurant, you would probably look them up online.  Websites are often your first real impression of a business. If you have an out-of-date site design, or one that isn’t mobile-friendly, then your friend’s referral will unlikely lead to results. To be attractive to potential clients and convert a lead into a new patient, your site should:

  • Be responsive and mobile friendly
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Include photos of your office and staff
  • Include contact information

Do You Have a Social Media Presence?

You also need more than just a website. Most companies, even small businesses, are active on social media. You will appear more professional and legitimate in the eyes of the public if you operate and maintain a social media presence. Being active on a social media platform can offer SEO benefits, as well.

Can Potential Clients Find Reviews?

Do you have online reviews? On average, a person checks out between five and seven different sources before they visit a business. They look at the website, social media pages, and reviews. Having overwhelmingly negative reviews, or no reviews, can drive people away. Encourage satisfied clients to leave testimonials and reviews online. You can encourage this practice with special promotions. We recommend the “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign, in which you offer a coffee shop gift card for the patient or client’s review.

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