4 Signs You Need A Responsive Website

The IDC (International Data Corporation) recently released a study that shows over two billion people in the world will be using mobile devices to access the Internet in 2016. But honestly, is that such a surprising number? If someone walked up to you right now and asked for directions, or where a local restaurant was located, you would immediately pull out your phone. Our increasing reliance on mobile devices is why a responsive and mobile-friendly website is so important.

Reasons to Obtain a Responsive Website

  1. More Time with Mobile: Using a smartphone or tablet isn’t just for people on the go. A study conducted by eMarketers.com reveals that people are spending more time with their devices than watching TV or listening to the radio.
  2. The Hub of Advertising: Ads aimed at mobile devices are the fastest growing segment of advertising out there. In fact, a study conducted by mobyaffiliates shows that over 30 percent of global digital advertising is aimed at mobile devices. Once again, more evidence that our reliance on mobile devices will only continue to grow over time.
  3. People won’t Bother Otherwise: How long does it take for someone to decide to leave a website they just visited? The numbers are debated, but on average it appears to be three to five seconds. That’s it. If someone accesses a website on their phone that isn’t mobile-friendly, they will simply leave instead of trying to navigate it. According to Google’s Think Insights, 48 percent of users will be frustrated and leave a website that isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness Impacts Rankings: That’s right, Google now factors whether you have a mobile-friendly design into your rankings. By refusing to update your website for the mobile age, you’re turning people away AND hurting your SEO rankings.

Want to Get Started?

If you already have a website, but it isn’t responsive, then you need a redesign. If you don’t have a site yet, then make sure the one you have built is mobile-friendly. Doing so helps improve SEO rankings, is less likely to turn people away, and will assure your website is easy to navigate on a variety of devices. If you need help, let us know. Our team can help you build a mobile responsive website.

Want to know more about a mobile-friendly website or how to take your online presence and SEO to the next level in 2016? Give us a call or shoot us an email at (972) 781-8861 or Jill@mdpmconsulting.com. We’re here to help!