5 Tips For Better Blogging

We consider blogging to be a vital part of an SEO strategy. After all, blogs provide a steady stream of content for Google to crawl and index, they can be shared on social media, and they can be used to advertise your expertise to potential clients. However, there are definitely steps you can take to improve your blogging. Putting time and effort into your blogs can definitely pay off!

Tips for Better Blogging

  1. Know Your Audience: Know who is reading your blogs, and more importantly, who you want to read your blogs. To make your content attractive to readers, you need to know who your readers are. Think of your current clients and what questions they often ask. Think of the concerns they bring up during visits. These are all great topic ideas for your posts.
  2. Be Original: Google awards originality. If you copy and paste from other sources, or if you recycle blogs verbatim, then you could actually be hurting your rankings. Original material is noticed, both by Google and by your readers. Of course, you can always revisit past topics, but be sure you write new copy!
  3. Blog Often: How often should you be blogging? Experts still debate the exact numbers, but a 2015 study from Hubspot Marketing shows that blogging 16 times a month, or 4 days a week, seems to net the most gains. Of course, you can blog more or less, depending on your time and availability.
  4. Don’t Stick to One Format: A typical blog consists of three to four paragraphs,: an intro, a body, and a conclusion. While this is great, the format doesn’t need to be the same for every blog. To make your posts fun (and to break up blocks of text), try FAQs, quizzes, and lists (like this one!).
  5. Use Pictures: In addition to changing formats, you can also use pictures and videos to break up walls of text. But be sure to label the file names, as they will not be recognized by Google’s bots otherwise.

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