Why Did My Rankings Drop?!

We all know that websites are not monuments set in stone. They need to constantly be updated with new pages, new information, or in some cases, a redesign to meet user expectations. However, what happens when you launch a new site to change your existing one only to find that your SEO ranking has subsequently crashed? Why did your rankings drop? Odds are, you made small but crucial mistakes.

Common Mistakes When Launching A New Website

  1. You slowed things down: How quickly do you leave a slow site? Studies show people make the decision whether to go or stay in about three seconds. If in your redesign you decided to jazz things up with say, flash elements, you may have made the site very difficult to load, especially for people with smartphones. Since most of us use smartphones when searching online, you could end up locking out a lot of potential clients.
  2. You blocked out the crawlers: In order to be ranked, search engine crawlers need to crawl and index your new content, including pages and blog posts. However, if you have inadvertently blocked this from happening then your website ranking could tank. How does one block the crawlers? You could have accidently put up firewalls, or maybe you forgot to update the robots.txt file so your website continues to block out crawlers even when the site is live.
  3. You forgot key information: If you forgot to bring over metadata, descriptive alt text, or other information key to SEO, you could essentially halt traffic for your site. Remember, the backend information is just as crucial as the text and pictures on your site.
  4. You didn’t make the new site mobile-friendly: This one is crucial. You simply can’t have a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. After all, what do you use to surf the web? I guarantee in most cases it’s your smartphone or tablet as opposed to a desktop or laptop. Make sure the new website or your redesign incorporates mobile-friendly options.

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