4 Underdog Marketing Tips

As someone with a new practice, you may feel competitive marketing is simply out of your reach. After all, what could you possibly do to compete with larger practices in your area that already have a steady client base and revenue streams? In reality, understanding the world of SEO, as well as social media and reviews, can give your practice a very competitive edge. Don’t count out the underdog, even when it comes to online marketing.

4 Simple Marketing Tips

  1. Blogging: Anyone can blog, and we believe business owners should. Your blog not only allows you to show your level of expertise to your clients, but can also provide new content for Google’s bots to crawl and index, helping your SEO ranking.
  2. Reviews: Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re already a successful practice/business, you need reviews. After all, people always look for online reviews and testimonials before visiting a new restaurant or scheduling an appointment with a dentist. Try our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign to encourage your satisfied clients to leave a review.
  3. Social Media: Social media lets you reach out to current clients, potential clients, and is an essential part of your search engine optimization strategy. We can help you with tips on when and how often to post to social media. Our free kit for clients who carry a monthly SEO package can provide content to share on a variety of platforms.
  4. Organic SEO: Organic search engine optimization refers to long tail keywords, links, and relevant contact information that appears organically throughout your website and blog. Understanding this practice can help your business grow. Best of all, anyone can implement organic search engine optimization successfully, regardless of the size of their practice or business.

Whether you’re an underdog or an established practice, we can help you gain a better understanding of organic SEO, blogging, and social media. Instead of taking your own time and dedication away from running your business or dental practice, let our experts make your online marketing, SEO, reputation management, and other vital strategies our top priority. To take your marketing to the next level, give Jill a call at (972) 781-8861, or send us an email at Jill@mdpmconsulting.com. We’re here to help!