Do I Need to Worry About Converting Users to Patients?

Your website is the hub of your online presence. It serves many functions and purposes. One of those is conversion. Whether you realize it or not, your website should encourage your potential patients to engage with your content. Your content should lead them through an experience, or to information they need or want. Your payoff will be them either calling your office, emailing you, or scheduling an appointment.

Add a Call-To-Action on Your Pages and Blog Posts

It’s surprising to see that so many sites do not utilize a call-to-action (CTA) paragraph in or at the end of their content. The goal of a CTA is to encourage your potential patients to take action by, again, either calling the office, emailing the office manager, or scheduling an appointment using your online software.

If you’re missing a CTA, you could be losing a moderate percentage of potential patients because they do not know what to do next. Consider your own journey while searching the web for a service. Users will consider how easy it is to sign up, call, email, or schedule an appointment. Intuitively, they rate your website on ease-of-use. The easier to use, the more of a chance they will contact you.

Share Social Proof of Your Great Service

Reviews make a mark online. Share your patient stories. Share your office achievements. Show that you as a dentist have certifications and awards for your service to your patients. It’s estimated that users visit five to seven different websites before making a purchase. You want your positive reputation to show up in all possible places.

The internet is a huge space, and you need to share your achievements, success stories, and testimonials with anyone who’s interested.

One way to do this is to ask your current patients during their visit, if they’d like to share their opinions about the service they received from your dental office.

Clearly Display Your Phone Number

It’s appalling how many websites don’t offer their phone number in a visible location. When a user is ready to make a phone call, the last thing you want is for them to have to search for your number. We suggested placing your contact information in the header so it will show up on every page.

A secondary option is in a universal sidebar, where the user can find it easily after experiencing other content on your site.

Write Unique, Focused Copy

Emotion sells. Information educates. Cater to these two aspects, and you will find that users enjoy and use your website as a tool. The more successful you are at providing potential patients with information that they are interested in, the more you will find qualified users calling, emailing, or scheduling an appointment via your website.

You want your copy to be intent focused.


To recap: When viewing your website, your phone number, copy, CTA paragraph, and social proof all affect the user’s opinion about your practice. If you can nail these four areas, you will find that converting potential patients is pretty straightforward. Give your ideal patient what they want when searching for a dentist online, and you will see the return you want!

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