Is It Time To Consider A Microsite?

A website is designed to perform a number of functions. Your site should help attract traffic; answer patient or client queries; supply information regarding your services; and provide ways to contact your business. As you iron out your online marketing strategy, you may be wondering if you also need a microsite, and how incorporating one may improve your online marketing strategy. Find out if it is time for you to consider a microsite. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsites

Question: How does this site differ from the main one?

Answer: A microsite is an independent website containing its own links and even a blog. The site is typically accessible via the main website.

Question: What should a microsite focus on?

Answer: That depends on your services. We use them for a dentist or client to focus on a specific service or aspect of his/her practice/business. For example, if you offer a variety of dental services, but have a special focus on implants or sleep apnea treatment, then you may consider adding an additional site focused solely on one of these services.

Question: Do I need to blog, too?

Answer: We always encourage blogging. Blogs provide fresh content which signals Google to crawl and index your site regularly, a major component of any successful SEO strategy. As with your main website, we recommend operating a blog on your microsite as well.

Question: Do microsites also need to be responsive?

Answer: Yes. Remember, the smartphone is now the primary means of surfing the web for a majority of people, so your site absolutely needs to be responsive. You want this website, as well as your main one, to be easy to navigate and see on a variety of platforms, including a phone and tablet. If you have any questions about starting a new site, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

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