Common SEO Myths Part Two

Yesterday we looked at a few common SEO myths. Today, we continue our series by busting a few more common myths, including some that could actually hurt your SEO if implemented. Remember, should you have any questions about search engine optimization, content, or online marketing, the MDPM team is ready and willing to help. Give us a call today!

Dispelling Common SEO Myths

  1. Not claiming your page keeps it from ranking: Actually, this has a much lower impact than you think. Not claiming a page won’t have a major impact on SEO. However, claiming a page and adding more necessary information to it can potentially improve rankings.
  2. Sharing and posting on Google+ improves rankings: You would think this would be the case, but posting on Google+ doesn’t give you special ranking from Google. Sharing on Google+, as well as any other social media account, can increase the chances of content being shared and commented on, (which helps rankings), but you won’t get special points for using Google+.
  3. Maps and Organic SEO are separate: No, maps can help your rank organically, but it is not something separate from organic optimization. For optimization, you should focus on organic and local SEO, of which maps is a part of. Maps is not a separate component.
  4. A larger service area means additional rankings in other towns: Since you can set the radius for your business, many people assume a larger radius means ranking in more cities. However, you will still only rank in the city that is listed as your actual business address.
  5. Google will show anything in your GMB dashboard: Actually, Google pulls from a number of sources. Aside from your dashboard, Google grabs details from your business website, maps, and even third party sources. All of these are used to ensure your business page is filled with information that may be relevant to users, which is why making sure the information on your website is accurate and easy for Google to read is essential.

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