Common SEO Myths Part One

The world of SEO is ever changing. When Google updates an algorithm, or announces a change, many people become confused as to what constitutes proper search engine optimization. As a result, there are quite a few myths floating around out there, tripping up well-meaning business owners. Let’s look at a few of these common myths.

Dispelling Common SEO Myths

  1. The Professional and Practitioner listings are the same thing: No, they are different. A professional listing refers to the business itself and may not have a face or single representative. A practitioner refers to business with a single person–a dentist office with only one dentist. If you have a practice with multiple dentists, you want a professional listing. If you – and only you – head the practice, then a practitioner listing is appropriate.
  2. Deleting listings in Google My Business removes them from Google: Not at all. If you find duplicate listings you may be tempted to claim them and simply delete them. Problem solved right? Wrong. The listing remains, only it’s unverified and you have no control over it.
  3. Google employees know it all: Not every employee is an SEO expert, so take recommendations from employees with a grain of salt. If it goes against what other pros are saying, then it may not be the best advice.
  4. If you relocate you should mark your old listing as closed: While this seems like a no-brainer, remember that the words “permanently closed” will appear if someone searches for your business and happens on the old location. Instead, just edit the address in your dashboard so it displays the correct one. If you have another unverified listing with outdated info, try to have it marked with“moved” instead of “permanently closed.”
  5. Content isn’t relevant to SEO: Google announced that content is one of the three major factors for an organic search. Unique, original content, along with long-tail keywords and organic link placements are all vital aspects of your search engine optimization strategy.

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