What are Google Local Business Cards?

If you’re thinking card stock, think again. Search engine giant a.k.a Google is at it again with a potential update to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). They are exploring a new way to display search results that could have a significant impact on local search. The unofficial name stands to be “Google Local Business Cards,” but once Google confirms if this test will turn into an official update, an official name will most likely be chosen.

A Little History…

Earlier in 2016, Google introduced candidate cards for the candidates in the race for the upcoming presidential election. These cards were added to search results to help citizens discover what they were looking for without much work.

What most of us didn’t know, and we aren’t much surprised, is that Google had something up their sleeve with this initial introduction to “cards” in the search results.

What is Known About Google Local Business Cards so far

Over the last few months, Google has been testing the card feature in search results. It began with the presidential candidates, and now it’s becoming more about local results for businesses.

Currently you can request to be added to the cards in search results, but it is up to Google whether or not to approve your request.

The Business Cards allow for local businesses to promote specific products and information in the carousel at the top of the SERPs, similar to image carousels.

The cards are scrollable horizontally, which means users can discover more than what is initially presented.

Typically, SERPs show the top three local results in correlation to the search query. However, with this testing and potential update coming down the pipe, local search and businesses may be in for quite a change.

How do the Cards Look?

Below you will find an image of the business cards in testing:

These cards may look familiar to users. It may even feel intuitive, since image carousels are extremely similar. Pair this with the knowledge graphs and other visual features in the SERPs and users may not think twice about the change, if they even notice it.

What Does This Mean for Your Practice?

As the updates are released from Google, you will want to continue pursuing your online presence marketing strategy laid out by your team. Although this update isn’t big enough to be revolutionary, it has caught attention across the industry. Keep an eye out in search results for this update as you’re using Google. If it seems the cards are appearing more frequently than not, let your marketing team know.

Businesses with storefronts will most likely benefit the most from these cards, since it seems to primarily focus on brick and mortar local businesses. Online businesses with no physical location will want to setup a service area page to combat the extra attention the local businesses may be getting due to this update in the SERPs.

Now What?

Review your local business presence online and talk with your marketing team. Continue to execute your online marketing strategy and keep tabs on Google’s announcement regarding this potential update. The local SEO agencies and digital marketing teams will need to help their local business clients as soon as the update is made official, but if you have a solid marketing team behind your business, you won’t have anything to worry about.

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