4 Tips For Choosing Your Domain Name

Getting ready to start your new business or rebrand an existing one? Along with designing the new website, you also need to register your new domain name. In the name of SEO, you may hear suggestions about using keywords as a domain name, or other similar strategies. However, the truth is you need to keep it simple. Here are a few tips for choosing the best domain name for your practice or business.

Tips for Choosing Domain Names

  1. Use .com whenever possible: There are a lot of options out there for your domain extension. However, .com is one of the most trusted. Other options, such as .biz, .net, or .us are often used by less reputable spam sites. People may see the extension and make a judgment as to how reputable your company or practice is.
  2. Use your brand name: The name of your company or practice, which is what you will use for your branding, should also be your domain name. When people Google services in your area, you are more likely to come up in that search. People also have an easier time remembering your website.
  3. Avoid keywords as domain names: There was a time when keywords were essential to SEO. Now the focus is on user experience and quality content. Some people still assume using a major keyword instead of your company’s name for a domain is the best way to boost SEO. However, that’s a misconception. Instead, by doing this you may end up confusing people by inadvertently stuffing keywords, which won’t help your overall SEO ranking at all. After all, SEO rankings depend on content, a social media presence, and a website that provides a good user experience.
  4. Keep it simple: Always, always keep it simple. Avoid numbers, hyphens, or overly long/complicated domain names. This makes it harder for people to find your website. In addition, please don’t go with purposefully misspelled words, no matter how clever you feel. Keep. It. Simple!

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