UX Versus UI Design: What’s The Difference?

Website design is a crucial part of your online marketing strategy. Your new website should reflect your practice or business with colors and images that bring out certain feelings among your potential clientele. Likewise, a design also needs to improve user experience. A person should have no trouble navigating your website and locating the information he/she needs. In order to provide all of this in the final product, you need both UX and UI design, and you need to understand the difference.

User Experience

UX refers to “user experience.” As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, our graphic designer, Clifton Steinbring, prefers a flat UX. The minimalist design does away with clutter, and allows a user to quickly find contact information, navigation, and relevant copy. After all, studies show that most people make a judgment on a website in a matter of seconds, which is why creating a favorable first impression is absolutely critical.

User Design

The first impression is where the UI, or user design, comes into play. This refers to the colors, images, and styles incorporated into the UX design. Both of these are, and should be, used throughout the process to ensure the finished product – your new website – is beautiful, practical, and easy to navigate.

You Need Both!

You can’t have one without the other. Think of your final website as a house. The frame and foundation, everything that keeps the building up, is the UX. The siding, the paint, and visual components are the UI, making the design beautiful. With both, we talk to the client about their community, services, and the atmosphere they hope to foster for their patients. All of this is distilled into the dental website design. If you have any questions about the process, or if you would like to talk to our team about redesigning your website, then contact us today.

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