A Look At Our Website Design

How long does it take you to judge a website? Have you ever heard of the Blink Test? Studies show that users make a judgment on the quality of a website in as little as three seconds. In order to ensure users stick around for our clients’ websites, we implement esthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate designs. What goes into our design process? What factors do we take into account when building and designing a dental website?

Our Design Process

The process begins with a conversation. We talk to our clients about their practice to find out such things as where they are located, what their community is like, and what are the demographics of their community? Having a clear understanding of these factors is essential for designing an appropriate website.

Clifton Steinbring, our graphic designer, then begins designing the website. While every site is different, Clifton tends to incorporate flat, minimalist designs. By eliminating clutter, the design helps funnel users towards the information the client wants them to see. Clifton also tends to favor the hero image, which is a large image at the center of the page, the first thing a person sees when visiting the site. In the picture above, you can see an example of a hero image and a minimalist, flat design from Dr. Everett’s new dental website.

Up-to-Date UX Design

What is UX? This refers to user experience. A user should have no difficulty navigating your dental website to find information about your practice. In addition, the site should be responsive and easy to view on a number of different devices, including mobile and tablet. We keep all of this in mind with our designs and builds. After all, Google rewards websites with great user experience because these are the sites they wish to send searchers to. By providing a responsive and well-designed dental website, you can increase the chances of landing on the top of the list on the initial search results page.

Want to know more about the current trends in dental website design? Ready to create or update the digital face of your dental practice? The experts at MDPM Consulting have got you covered. Give Jill a call at (972) 781-8861 or send us an email at info@moderndentalmarketing.com.