Who Are Our Writers?

Last Friday our team went to Hyena’s Comedy Club in Dallas. There, we watched one of our own writers, Alex Gaskin, host the evening and perform a comedy set. At MDPM Consulting, we employ a team of talented writers to create our clients’ web copy and blogs. Outside of the office, they often have unique and surprising hobbies. Let’s find out more about who our writers are!


Chris Pearson: While Chris is primarily our technical director, he started as a blog writer, and still blogs occasionally for MDPM. He played baseball in college and also writes creatively. In fact, you can find his author website here, and one of his stories here.

Alex Gaskin: As we mentioned above, our blogger Alex is also a stand-up comedian (a criminally underrated one at that). In fact, you can catch one of his sets tonight at Houston Street Bar in Fort Worth at 10pm.

Maggie Knapp: Maggie is a blogger and a librarian, quick to remind people what a great resource the library can be. She also enjoys cooking and teaches several fitness classes.

Gery Laboy: Gery not only trains our writers, he is also our senior editor, and creates our clients’ website copy. But prior to becoming a writer and joining the MDPM team, Gery worked as a tattoo artist for ten years, and a very talented one at that.

Tarah Damask: Tarah is a prolific writer. In fact, she has written for nearly all of our clients! Outside of the office, she writes her own work, and is also a musician.

Amy Renken: In addition to being one of our key bloggers, Amy also offers a variety of freelance services. You can find out more at her website, amyrenkenwrites.com.

Jennifer Aguilar: In addition to writing blogs for our clients, Jennifer is also a photographer! You can see her work at Lemon Tree Photography.

Margaret Martin: Let’s be honest, what DOESN’T Margaret do? In addition to blogging and editing our websites, Margaret also edits books, does landscaping work, and can be found outdoors every chance she can get, hiking, backpacking, or camping.

Elford Alley: Elford is our senior writer, and you can also find his work elsewhere such as at Riffraf.net, Cracked.com, and the Huffington Post.

Rebecca Romero: Rebecca is a writer, and our Special Projects Coordinator. In addition, she is also a Research Specialist with Fort Worth ISD. In her down time, she creates comic books with her husband, which you can see here.

Do you need help with web copy or blogs? Then talk to our team today! Send MDPM an email: info@mdpmconsulting.com, or give us a call: 972-781-8861.