Voice Search Is Changing Everything!

The title may seem hyperbolic, and the exclamation mark a little much, but the sentiment is true. As people rely more and more on their smartphones to conduct online searches, voice search has become more important than ever. Not only is this completely changing our approach to SEO, it is also changing things for the better! As we will discuss further, voice search means a greater reliance on well-written and informative content.

Goodbye Keyword Stuffing

Northstar Research recently revealed that around 55 percent of teens and 56 percent of adults use voice search. When the majority of the population used computers rather than smartphones to search online, we focused on keywords. However, some people have tried to manipulate the search engine’s reliance on keywords by stuffing them, a black hat tactic to gain a higher place faster on the search engine results page.

But with the emergence of voice search there is no need for keyword stuffing or traditional keywords. Instead, since people voice search as a question, long tail keywords (think “Where’s a dentist in Dallas?” instead of “Dallas dentist”) are now preferable, which means a greater reliance on content and timely updates, and the end of keyword stuffing.

How Do I Make My Site Voice Friendly?

One of the best ways to optimize your website is to make sure it is responsive to tablets and smartphones. You should also ensure that your website contains effective content. Now more than ever, Google and other search engines focus on the quality of the content. Is the copy informative and well written? Does it contain relevant information to the person’s search? Does the site contain regularly updated content?

MDPM Can Help!

If you want to optimize your website for voice searches, contact our team! Not only can we ensure that your website is responsive, we can provide completely original content and a regularly updated blog.

We can help ensure that your website is ready for voice searches!

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