Have You Forgotten Simple SEO Strategies?

In the quest for better SEO, have you forgotten some of the simplest strategies? The fact is, some of the best tips for improving your search engine optimization strategy are really some of the simplest. Search Engine Journal recently featured an article by Neil Patel on the subject, and he highlights three very easy tips that can help improve your SEO strategy, and potentially boost search engine result rankings.

Correct Title Tags

I’ll let Neil sum up the importance of title tags:

“Title tags are too important to mess up, let alone overlook. They are that important. Search engines and algorithms have come a long way, but they still place an enormous amount of importance on title tags.”

Even if you’ve gone all out on every other aspect of your website, you’re missing a key component of your SEO strategy by not including title tags. Not only do search engine algorithms still focus on them, but what do potential clients see when searching for a business like yours? That’s right, title tags. Remember to make them easy to read and understand for users, such as “keyword | company.”

The More Content the Better!

A steady stream of content has been shown to boost search engine optimization, just as algorithms tend to reward websites that include regularly updated information and new content. However, this doesn’t mean just throwing anything up on your blog or website. In order to draw in new readers and keep them, you need blog posts that are informative, well written, and most important of all, ORIGINAL.

User Experience is Everything

You don’t want people to simply click on your site and then click away, never to return. However, a poorly designed website, difficult navigation, and lack of mobile-friendly options can cause just that. The best way to boost your SEO and attract new readers (and hopefully clients) is to create a great user experience. Make sure your website contains simple, easy to follow navigation. Make sure the site is responsive and mobile friendly. Finally, make sure your copy consists of informative, original content that provides what the reader needs.

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